Saturday, 26 September 2009

It's oh so quiet....Shhhh....Shhhh.

I hope you can hear me as I'm typing very quietly,  Her Ladyship is busy doing her annual accounts and tax return. Being a creative soul at heart numbers aren't really her thing and she would much rather be making something than balancing books.

Therefore I'm being very quiet and just slipping a fresh cup of tea and the odd tasty bite onto her desk now and then.

However tomorrow is Sunday and she always reserves Sundays to experiment with a new craft or technique so I shall creep off into a corner and have a snooze meantime...

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Never again...

Oooooh,my poor head.
I should have known, when Bramling said he was coming via the brewery, that it wasn't a good idea.
"You'll like this" he said..."posh stuff this is" he said...
Something called "yellowhammer" and that is just what it feels like this morning.
When I looked in the mirror my eyes were a sickly shade of yellow and my head is thumping like a jackhammer!

My snail and mushroom risotto was quite delicious however,even though I say so myself.
Thankfully Her Ladyship has given me the weekend off as it's a quiet time in the studio.
She likes to experiment with new crafts and ideas at the weekend especially in the summer when the studio is open 7 days a week,she say's it's her way of having the weekend off...rather clever I think...Oh no, I shouldn't think at all it hurts too much!
Pass the alka seltzer someone...


Friday, 11 September 2009

Congratulations & Celebrations

There is an air of excitement in the studio today, His Lordship and Her Ladyship are celebrating their wedding anniversary.
There are flowers on the worktop and some of Ingrid and Lucas's delicious handmade belgian chocolates in the fridge...mmmmm.

I did offer to make my special snail and mushroom rissotto to celebrate but apparently a secret booking has been made somewhere nice for dinner tonight...I guess I shall just have to share the rissotto with Bramling since he has such a thing for mushrooms.
Funny creatures goblins, no manners to speak of but ever so grateful if mushrooms are on offer!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Taxidermy in progress

I say...the studio does look a little strange today.The worktop is strewn with tiny arms,legs,and headless bodies!
Thankfully all is well...Her Ladyship has not become some mass murderer but is deep in the middle of a bear creating frenzy.
I think I shall go and tidy up the storeroom when she starts stuffing them though, it makes my eyes water just thinking about it!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

September in the Rain

Well...I must say it is a lovely day now,which is just as well as it means the leaky studio roof has almost stopped dripping.
It gets quite mesmerising sometimes, almost soporific, the gentle drip drip drip into the strategically placed buckets.Other days it's much more rhythmic and makes me want to tap dance my way round my chores.
Aha...time for luch methinks...fresh pancakes mmmmm.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Humble Beginnings

Aha, now I am beginning to see how Her Ladyships  toplap thingy I type things in here and then push the publish button?