Friday, 20 November 2009

Move over Mr Bailey.

Oh I say what glorious fun...
Her Ladyship showed me how to use the camera and I spent a wonderful afternoon setting up product shots.
 I had no idea how involved it is...finding a suitable backdrop, setting up the products to look their best, making sure one has the lighting just right (it has to be very bright...but that was fine as the bright lights put Bramling off interfering and he hid under the counter among some painty rags and fell asleep), then putting the camera on the correct settings.
I did enjoy myself so as I promised here is a shot of the keyrings Her Ladyship makes with the offcuts of denim.

Some of our customers think they look like little sporrans...I suppose they do really.
 I like the way Crafters let nothing go to waste even if it does mean a very full store room for me to tidy up.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Simply Jeanius.

I think today could get rather messy in the studio... Her Ladyship is about to start fringing the Denim rice packs she has made so I will be spending the rest of the day sweeping up little bits of blue thread which fly off in all directions as she weilds the wire brush with great gusto to the edges of the denim.
I must say though they do look rather nice when they are finished and are sooooo relaxing when heated and placed on my rather bony old shoulders at the end of a hard days tidying.
She makes several items out of recycled denim jeans I especially like her pocket bags.

Nothing goes to waste of course even the tiniest pieces of denim are used to make small keyrings as well as tags for the decorated jars.
I must ask permission to use the camera later and show you those too.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Hurrah, it drippeth no more.

Oh joy oh rapture...we have dispensed with the buckets, the tarpaulins have been removed, I've swept and mopped up the mess and now it is done.


We finally have a shiny new roof... in a tasteful shade of forest green. You can still see an upturned bit which is a nice grey colour (I like it too) but  Her Ladyship wants green so....
It took a bit of doing mind you, but just between us, I really quite enjoyed myself what with oodles of mess to tidy up and the never ending refreshments required for the work force.

Oi...Elfypants! shHow uz somE of da roofy musHrooms then!

The detritus that came off the roof was most interesting and appeared to be made of wet cardboard.

I gather from Master J that there was more than one and a half tons of the rotten stuff and all of it was sopping wet.

WE Wants sum shRooooms picKcha's Elfy!

Now however we have nice dry plywood instead.

 Her Ladyships brother did a marvelous job of stripping of all the old tar and cardboardy stuff and almost came in through the roof to say hello at one point.

Even  Her Ladyship herself helped out by removing all the wet plaster board from the inside before Master A did a splendid job of fitting the new stuff. Now it's just down to the master to finish...

Oi! mista Elfy perSin Dobbly, wot abOut da roofy musHrooms then!

Oh alright then, anything to keep you quiet...and it's Dauby if you don't mind.

AAAAaaaahhhhh loooky loooky - yumness taSty fungusSness!

Good grief, Goblins really are a pain the the derriere...and none more so than Bramling Leafmould Esq. However that should keep him out of my hair for a while (well, it would if I had any...aha aha aha ha ha! ).
Now where was I, Oh yes... Her Ladyship got busy tearing down the plaster board and that horrible wooly stuff that looks like orange sheep...

...and now all that remains to be done is some titvating up and a little decorating.