Friday, 20 November 2009

Move over Mr Bailey.

Oh I say what glorious fun...
Her Ladyship showed me how to use the camera and I spent a wonderful afternoon setting up product shots.
 I had no idea how involved it is...finding a suitable backdrop, setting up the products to look their best, making sure one has the lighting just right (it has to be very bright...but that was fine as the bright lights put Bramling off interfering and he hid under the counter among some painty rags and fell asleep), then putting the camera on the correct settings.
I did enjoy myself so as I promised here is a shot of the keyrings Her Ladyship makes with the offcuts of denim.

Some of our customers think they look like little sporrans...I suppose they do really.
 I like the way Crafters let nothing go to waste even if it does mean a very full store room for me to tidy up.


  1. Did you know that some people recommend putting things into the bath tub to photograph?! A sparkly, clean one of course, which bounces all the light around. Either way, it can be tricky!

  2. I say Derrick what a clever idea.
    That would also keep that pesky goblin Bramling out of the road...just the mention of the word bath has him scampering for the door!
    I borrowed the Masters lighting kit and light cube and I am very humbled at the honour of being allowed to use it.