Friday, 4 December 2009

Button up it's cold out there.

Brrr…winter is definitely upon us now. There is snow on the Ben and for several days now His Lordship has had to scrape the frost off the car before we set off in the morning.

We have been busy in the studio making pretty things and today Her Ladyship finished off a batch of beautiful Button Necklace Sets. They looked so colourful I asked if I could photograph them for my Diary. Here they are…

I hung them in the window as it was such a gloriously sunny day and think they look like precious gems with the sun shining through them like that.

I do like frosty winter days when the sun shines, everything looks so pretty with its sugar frosting on and Bramling usually keeps out the way when it’s sunny as he much prefers “a good dose of murk” as he would put it.


  1. Very colourful indeed. I hope lots of customers are attracted by the display. You could also string lots together and make a beaded (buttoned) curtain for a doorway!

  2. Indeed Derrick I shall suggest that...although it would take rather alot of buttons!