Thursday, 24 December 2009

Hapy Crisymusses to yoo !

I is takin dis hopportunety To(*)^* wish all uvverworld beings (and yoo shoomans of couse) a verrry happy wotsitsname cos Elfypants is at 'er Ladyships house tooday wrappin up all the goodies 'n stuff and cant do 'is bloggy fing......little creep! So fr*m me...Bramling Leafmould (a nice, goodest goblin, I am) and Dauby and her Ladyship and Lordship I have to wishes yer an apppy Crissymus and grate Noo Year. So eer's a luvvely pikcha of my favey fings....

Luvverly mushrooomses!

I'm orf to get verry, verry drunk now......


  1. And there was I, thinking you'd had a drink already Bramling! Merry Christmas to everyone at the studio.

  2.'s 'cos I doesnt gets to play wif 'er loptap thingy verrry mutch....I am drinkin some nice winey now! Fanks for saying nice fings!