Friday, 18 December 2009

Too frosty for elves...

My goodness it's cold out there.
It has also started to snow so I have turned up the heaters and I think I shall go and put my socks on.(we Elves don't normally wear anything on our feet but I will make exceptions in weather like this).
Her Ladyship has been busy making family gifts so I'm afraid I can't show you those untill after Christmas but meanwhile here are my socks...

...they are rather snazzy but they do keep my feet toasty when I'm padding about the studio in the winter.
His Lordship is busy printing the family christmas cards , I think I shall go and design one to put up on my blog for all you nice people.
But first it's time for soup...roasted vegetable I think with some crusty brown bread.


  1. I'm jealous of those socks, Dauby! Don't forget to hang one on the mantlepiece next week.

  2. OH yes Derrick I shall...I've offered to lend Bramling the other one as all his have holes in and he's worried the chocolate coins might fall out the toe, I just hope it's not filled with mushrooms and fungi!