Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Doesn't time fly.

Well I never whatever happened to April?
With all those bank holidays it seems to have dissapeared in a puff of smoke...pity Bramling wouldn't do the same!
We've been up to our eyes in the Studio what with visitors making the most of all that time off, finishing the end of year accounts and getting some new stock made for the shelves.
The new blogshop is now up and running with new items being added as soon as her Ladyship can get them posted online why not have a look...
Aurorabearealis Online Shop

His Lordship has also had some new postcards designed so we decided to do an advertising one for the Studio as well.
My next job is to find suitable places locally to leave some for people to find...I think cafe's would be a good place to start...especially ones that make nice scones...any excuse for a cup of tea!
If you are lucky enough to find one it also has a 10% discount voucher on the back.

Talking of tea I haven't had any lunch yet and it's gone 2 o'clock...as I said "Doesn't time fly!"

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Just for Derrick

I wasn't sure which one you meant Derrick so here's both...hopefully they will both work!

A Little Cross Eyed.

I'm glad to say our photography marathon is almost finished only a few pieces of artwork to photograph now.
It has been fun but I must admit I am getting rather cross eyed...what with looking through viewfinders, checking back screens and staring at the computer while processing the hundreds of pictures we have taken...thankfully I have pretty good eyesight.

We should be finished photographing today and just a little more processing and then LOTS of uploading we should be ready for take off...I have heard rumours of a party and some special offers to get the ball rolling.
There are also rumours that that dreadful Goblin is working on his own blog...heaven help us!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lights, Camera, Action.

Work continues apace at the Studio as we trot on taking hundreds of photographs for the upcoming online shop. I suppose one of the drawbacks of Her Ladyship making unique items is that everything must be photographed separately although I am rather enjoying setting up the scenery for the backdrops...would you like a taster?

The Bears had a great deal of fun with the little sewing machine although Herbeart had a very close shave with the scissors. I told him not to run about but he wouldn’t listen, he’s almost as bad as Bramling.

The prop for these lovely silver bracelets is a piece of petrified tree that is more than 300 million years old...that's even older than my Great Grandfather!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Year New Projects.

I say it has been very quiet at the Studio.
I don't mean customer wise, I mean Her Ladyship has been typing away on the laptop for days now sorting out the text for the new online shop (I would say "coming soon" but there is still much to be done).
There is an exciting big box sitting in the corner waiting to be opened once all the writing is finished...I believe it contains a small but perfectly formed lighting kit for us to photograph all the stock for the shop.
It's going to be quite a marathon session believe me as there are an awful lot of things to be photographed especially as most of the things she makes are one off pieces.

The Bears behave themselves quite well when being photographed, I'm not sure I can say the same about Bramling...perhaps we can send him somewhere for a few days.

I'm quite looking forward to it though...I like to keep busy.

Friday, 3 December 2010


My my we have had a busy day, Her Ladyship has had a commission to make a stack of calendars for a Gentleman with some pictures of his two beautiful Maine Coon cats, so we have been sticking like mad all day.
They are called Pearl and Jasper and are brother and sister...

Now it's almost home time (I don't always stay in the studio at night in this cold weather, I go home with Her Ladyship and have a warm house to snuggle down in instead) I must tidy up before we go however, there are bits off of the double sided sticky tape all over the place...

...I wonder what's for tea?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Better late than never...

At long last here are some of the Oil Pastels Her Ladyship was painting last month.
They are rather fun to use, a bit like painting with lipstick (not that I ever have painted with lipstick you understand, but you get my drift!).

This one rather reminds me of the heather moors on the Isle of Lewis...

and these are three of the seascapes.

We do live in such a beautiful part of the world...such an inspiration, especially as that dreadful Goblin has gone west with His Lordship so we have peace and quiet today without any of his inane questions like "Wot would 'appen if I was to put this crayon in the toaster?"...really!
That said, I shall put the kettle on to celebrate his absence, a little toast and some Lady Grey is called for I think...without added crayon.