Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Doesn't time fly.

Well I never whatever happened to April?
With all those bank holidays it seems to have dissapeared in a puff of smoke...pity Bramling wouldn't do the same!
We've been up to our eyes in the Studio what with visitors making the most of all that time off, finishing the end of year accounts and getting some new stock made for the shelves.
The new blogshop is now up and running with new items being added as soon as her Ladyship can get them posted online why not have a look...
Aurorabearealis Online Shop

His Lordship has also had some new postcards designed so we decided to do an advertising one for the Studio as well.
My next job is to find suitable places locally to leave some for people to find...I think cafe's would be a good place to start...especially ones that make nice scones...any excuse for a cup of tea!
If you are lucky enough to find one it also has a 10% discount voucher on the back.

Talking of tea I haven't had any lunch yet and it's gone 2 o'clock...as I said "Doesn't time fly!"


  1. Hello Dauby! You're right, the time does run away with us but I'm glad you are keeping busy. Good luck with the online shop too; I just had a little visit and it all looks very nice!

  2. Thank you Derrick, we still have a heap of entries to do, perhaps later this week now the Tax Returns (pardon my French) are finished!