Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lights, Camera, Action.

Work continues apace at the Studio as we trot on taking hundreds of photographs for the upcoming online shop. I suppose one of the drawbacks of Her Ladyship making unique items is that everything must be photographed separately although I am rather enjoying setting up the scenery for the backdrops...would you like a taster?

The Bears had a great deal of fun with the little sewing machine although Herbeart had a very close shave with the scissors. I told him not to run about but he wouldn’t listen, he’s almost as bad as Bramling.

The prop for these lovely silver bracelets is a piece of petrified tree that is more than 300 million years old...that's even older than my Great Grandfather!


  1. Oh, very nice indeed! I especially like the purpley-blue bear and I'm sure the rabbits will become more and more excited as Easter approaches. It's just a pity that the bear photo doesn't want to enlarge; so many things to master! I always find jewellery difficult to photograph, so the petrified tree is a very interesting prop.

  2. Yes that one is one of my favourites too Derrick he's a lovely chap...doesn't have a name though as Her Ladyship likes to let the customer name them when they buy them.
    I'm not sure what has happened to the bear photograph I'll see if we can post a close up for you.
    The jewellery has been a bit of a pain and never ending it seems but we've finished now thankfully.