Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Year New Projects.

I say it has been very quiet at the Studio.
I don't mean customer wise, I mean Her Ladyship has been typing away on the laptop for days now sorting out the text for the new online shop (I would say "coming soon" but there is still much to be done).
There is an exciting big box sitting in the corner waiting to be opened once all the writing is finished...I believe it contains a small but perfectly formed lighting kit for us to photograph all the stock for the shop.
It's going to be quite a marathon session believe me as there are an awful lot of things to be photographed especially as most of the things she makes are one off pieces.

The Bears behave themselves quite well when being photographed, I'm not sure I can say the same about Bramling...perhaps we can send him somewhere for a few days.

I'm quite looking forward to it though...I like to keep busy.


  1. A big job indeed! But very exciting as you say. I wish you and Her Ladyship well with the preparations.

  2. Thank you Derrick, I trust you had a good Christmas in the shop.

  3. Elfypants, Elfypants !

    Bramling needs his own blog !