Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Little Cross Eyed.

I'm glad to say our photography marathon is almost finished only a few pieces of artwork to photograph now.
It has been fun but I must admit I am getting rather cross eyed...what with looking through viewfinders, checking back screens and staring at the computer while processing the hundreds of pictures we have taken...thankfully I have pretty good eyesight.

We should be finished photographing today and just a little more processing and then LOTS of uploading we should be ready for take off...I have heard rumours of a party and some special offers to get the ball rolling.
There are also rumours that that dreadful Goblin is working on his own blog...heaven help us!


  1. Yeah ! you'd betta believe it matey boy...I 'as got me blog up an'' it's a cracker -you're goin to loike it loads.

    Go an' squeeze 'yer acrylics !


  2. Oh the rumours are true then!

  3. Just stumbled across your post and I'm interested to see the results of your photography marathon. Keep on posting!

    John Briner Art