Tuesday, 22 December 2009

"Twinkle Twinkle...

...little lights how the Fairy shines at night."

Oh we did have such fun last night.
After a hard days tidying and polishing Her Ladyship and I put up the Christmas Decorations at home and decorated the tree with lot's of sparkly things.I do love the way the lights twinkle (although I did get a telling off later in the evening 'cos I kept putting the livingroom lights off because the tree looked so pretty in the dark).
My good friend Farting Fairy is sitting beside the tree (the little motor inside her makes a rather unfortunate noise for a fairy) keeping an eye on the presents as Bramling has taken to poking, prodding, and shaking them quite violently to see if any of them may contain mushrooms of any sort!
It's very chilly here today so I think I shall go and put the kettle on and offer round the mince pies...


  1. I don't want to worry you Dauby, but the tree seems to have a distinct lean! And 'Fairy nuff' seems a far nicer name for your illuminating little friend. I shall have to have a mince pie now you've mentioned them!

  2. The tree does lean rather Derrick...it's only because the straw bear holds his flowerpot at an angle, the litle Fairy on the top has to lay seductively across the branches to stop her falling off but I rather like it's quirkyness.
    I know Farting Fairy is not a very delicate name but...well...she does!(and beleive it or not Fairy 'Nuff is Her Ladyships alter ego so we couldn't call her that!).