Saturday, 12 September 2009

Never again...

Oooooh,my poor head.
I should have known, when Bramling said he was coming via the brewery, that it wasn't a good idea.
"You'll like this" he said..."posh stuff this is" he said...
Something called "yellowhammer" and that is just what it feels like this morning.
When I looked in the mirror my eyes were a sickly shade of yellow and my head is thumping like a jackhammer!

My snail and mushroom risotto was quite delicious however,even though I say so myself.
Thankfully Her Ladyship has given me the weekend off as it's a quiet time in the studio.
She likes to experiment with new crafts and ideas at the weekend especially in the summer when the studio is open 7 days a week,she say's it's her way of having the weekend off...rather clever I think...Oh no, I shouldn't think at all it hurts too much!
Pass the alka seltzer someone...


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