Thursday, 15 April 2010

The making of a Fairy.

We have been beavering away like mad things here at the Studio, the trade show is only a week away now and we are just finishing up the last minute bits and pieces.
The place was full of Fairies last week,  much to Bramlings annoyance (he hates Fairies for some strange reason...I dare not ask), so I took some photographs of them being made for you to peruse.

This is a rather naughty one as the little Fairies are undressed!

That's better now they have their frocks on.

A new hairdo and some party shoes and they are dancing round the Studio.

Finaly a tiny Fairy wand and they are ready for anything...including grumpy Goblins!

Time for some tea before hanging the jewellery on the new stands we made yesterday I think...

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  1. Life seems to be one long party, Dauby. Have fun at the trade show!