Sunday, 10 January 2010

Chilly for June...

I do like a good toddle along the beach but it's proving a little difficult at the's so cold the sea has frozen!

I do feel sorry for poor must make it well nigh impossible for him to catch any fish.
I wonder if I should take him some hot chocolate and a doughnut?
Perhaps some sardines would be more appropriate...then we can have the hot chocolate and doughnuts ourselves.
I shall just go and put the kettle on...


  1. Hot chocolate sounds wonderful,If I may join you, although here we are frying with heat,

  2. My goodness, frozen sea?! Make sure you stay warm indoors. Can you get to the shops or are you makng the doughnuts yourself?

  3. A frozen sea is an exciting concept for me.I've seen it in the movies. There must be a really
    strange feeling about when this happens.Wonderful really.

  4. Gosh I've been away a long time...The doughnuts come from the lovely ladies at the co-op and are filled with custard Mmmmm.
    Thankfully things have warmed up a little and the heron has finally got his supper although there is still frost along the shore most mornings so it's not that warm yet.