Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I felt that!

Oh my goodness what fun we have been having.

The felting machine arrived along with a huge mound of brightly coloured wool roving and Her Ladyship and I have been having a ball making all sorts of things to try it out.
We have made a veritable bouquet of flower corsages which are now festooning the studio.

It has been most interesting finding out how to felt the wool both by needle and with soapy water, the latter being rather messy but such fun.
I wonder what we shall make next.
Perhaps some wall hangings or something else…there are a selection of cookie cutters in the felting box and I’m not quite sure what they are for…I guess we shall have to wait and see.


  1. The felted creations are looking good!
    It was lovely to see you in your shop the other week. It's been a bit crazy here the last week - see my blog for details - but I'll maybe make it back in sometime to see your felt creations in person!

  2. Felt certainly seems to be de rigeur and not only that, it is popular at the moment! How exciting for you to tackle something new!