Saturday, 31 October 2009

Peculiar goings on.

Happy Halloween everyone.
May I take this opportunity to remind you humans to be careful out there tonight,there are strange and unworldly beings about and you never know whom you might meet,and believe me you do not want to meet someone like Bramling Leafmould on a dark night after he's been licking toads.
There are peculiar goings on at Samhain.


  1. Hello Dauby,

    I have enjoyed reading of your important work for Mistress Susan. I admire the bears she makes each time I see an advertisement. I sell handmade bears in my shop too, but ones that are made from mohair. I look forward to hearing more of the goings on at The Studio. I hope things have dried out fully by now!

  2. Why thank you Master Derrick for your kind words.
    I do appologise for the time it has taken me to reply to your comment but as you can see from my further postings we have been busy getting a new yes things have dried up considerably!