Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The stuff of life.

Goodness me, we are having a fun time in the studio today.

All those little arms and legs and assorted bear bits are getting stuffed.

We've done all the arms and heads and now we are onto the legs.

They all have their cardboard soles in place and once we have finished stuffing the toes I get to put a teaspoon of steel shot into each one.I have to be ever so careful not to spill any as it goes shooting off across the studio floor in all directions and takes hours to pick Bramling will testify as he once knocked over the whole tub and spent three days chasing little silver balls all over the studio(Goblins are such clumsy creatures, he can't help it really but I must confess I found it all very amusing, the sight of him,bottom in air trying to crawl under the shelves swearing at the "little silver boggers").

Ah well, Kettle on soon I think, time for a little tea and perhaps a raspberry oatcake...

1 comment:

  1. Be careful what you do with those little steel balls, remember 'elf and safety.